Multifunctional Car Dashboard Phone Holder with One-Touch Design


Multifunctional Car Dashboard Phone Holder with One-Touch Design



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Multifunctional Car Dashboard Phone Holder With One-Touch Design
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 * [Dashboard Design] This smartphone car holder can be wall-mounted to your car's dashboard /windshield for convenience.

[Adjustable Neck and Holder] The 180°free rotation of the extendable neck and 360° free rotation of the holder for you to find a most comfortable height and position to view your smartphone at a quick glance.

[Super Sticky Gel Pad] Sticky gel pad sticks securely to windshield, dashboard or most smooth flat surfaces and is easily removable. It can be restored to its mint condition by rinsing it with warm water and allowing it to air dry.

[All-around Protection] With strong sticky gel pad, the product attached tightly to your car and the three sides protection on the holder will always hold your phone firmly so that will not fall down when make a turn or jolt.
Sample availability (date)
1-3 workdays for regular samples
3-5 workdays for OEM samples
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